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My Favorite Law Blogs

My Favorite Law Blogs - Top Lawyers in America and Others
By Glen R. Graham, Tulsa Criminal Attorney, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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The law related blogs which I read the most and I like to post responses to their blogs are listed here:

The Top Trial Warriors and Top Civil Lawyers, Trial Consultants, Lawyers and Non-Lawyers, and the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in America:

Blog of Gerry Spence - Top American Trial Lawyer

Jon Katz - Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney

Jon Katz - Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

Mark Bennett - Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

Scott Greenfield - New York Criminal Defense Attorney

Kevin Mahoney - Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney

David Tarrell - Omaha Nebraska - In the Moment

John Bryan - West Virginia Criminal Defense Blog

Gideon - Public Defender Blog

Brian Tannebaum - Miami Florida Criminal Defense Blog,

Randy England - Missouri Criminal Defense Blog

Professor Volokh (Calif.) Legal Blog

Texas Grit's for Breakfast Blog

Professor Simon's (Calif) Governing through Crime Blog

Professor Berman's Blog (Ohio) - Sentencing Law and Policy

Ann Reed - Jury Deliberations Blog

Jamie Spencer's Austin Criminal Defense Blog


Personal Blog by Terry Hull

Shawn Matlock - Dallas Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

Stephen C. Smith – Maine Criminal Defense Attorney – Sex Offender Blog

and if Clarence Darrow had had a blog I would be reading it.

Yours in the Defense of Fellow Human Beings,

Glen R. Graham, Tulsa Criminal Attorney, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Left anyone out: Post your suggestions.

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