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How to Win Your Criminal Case?

How to Win Your Criminal Case

By Glen R., Graham, Attorney at Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa, OK  Phone:  918-583-4621

      Each criminal case is different but you normally start by hiring an attorney.  How you choose the right attorney says alot about you.  To properly research the attorney you are going to hire, you will want to know certain information.  People assume that the lawyer with a nice advertisement is experienced and has been practicing law for many years  able to go to jury trial on their case if they need the lawyer to go to trial.  This is not true.  Some lawyers will openly tell you that they do not go to trial on cases and some lawyers will withdraw in your case if you request a jury trial.  You need to ask the lawyer before you hire them if they are willing and able to try your case, if you need a jury trial.  Some lawyers have certain disabilities that may prevent them from doing a jury trial.  You should meet the lawyer in person in their office before you hire them so that you can determine for yourself if that is the right lawyer for your case.  Some lawyers want to meet you on the spare of the moment at the court house and then you may feel pressure to hire them because you did not take the time to shop around for the best lawyer for your case. When hiring a lawyer you are hiring someone to represent you in court and this is a very personal and extremely important matter and your freedom may depend upon the quality of the attorney that you employ.

      There are many new lawyers who have only been practicing law a few months or a year or so and some have never gone to jury trial on a case.  Some lawyers will not tell you this information unless you specifically ask:  When were you admitted to practice law?  How many jury trials have you done?  If you are good at using a search engine like or then you could research the criminal defense attorney to see what the date of admission to practice law and information concerning jury trials or other information about the lawyer.   Some former prosecutors seem to secretly want to go back to being prosecutors and do not join any of the criminal defense organizations dedicated to defending people such as the Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, or the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Some lawyers are not members of the better business bureau and do not respond to criticism or do not properly respond to client needs.  Some lawyers will not help you obtain a drivers license when you have a dui case and do not advise you regarding license matters on dui cases.  I will do my best to advise and assist you in regard to your license matter on dui cases.

I have practiced law for over 25 years, I am a member of criminal defense organizations, and I have never been a prosecutor, and I am a member of the better business bureau, although I would prefer clients communicate directly with me at (918) 583-4621 or email:  or otherwise and my website is

Funny Lawyer Ads

Funny Lawyer Ads

by Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law, Tulsa, OK  (918) 583-4621

     As an attorney with over 25 years experience practicing law, I have seen some funny advertisements for lawyers or by lawyers.  I have laughed at the humor and sometimes shook my head in disbelief!  Lawyers are like cats and very independent and sometimes playful, funny, and/or serious.  Their ads are amusing and funny and full of marketing pitches.

     Some advertisements by lawyers say the lawyer is "honest and aggressive."  Don't most people assume that the lawyer is "honest?" Have the reputations of lawyers sunk so low that now lawyers have to advertise that they are "honest?"  Is it really a selling point or good marketing strategy to claim to be more "honest" than other lawyers?  Indirectly, is the lawyer thereby indicating that other lawyers are not honest?  Does such advertising indirectly perpetuate negative stereo-types and diminish the image of the profession?

     Aggressiveness in a lawyer is not necessarily a good quality either.  I think intelligence and firmness  or strength of spirit might be more important qualities than "aggressiveness."  Yet, some lawyers advertise that they are "aggressive" as if to imply that other lawyers are wishy-washy unprincipled fools who do not have the strength of their convictions to stand up for what they believe.  Lawyers advertising "aggressiveness" often do not define by what they mean by aggression.  Does aggressiveness imply that they are disrespectful to Judges and other attorneys and to their own clients?  It makes you wonder, doesn't it?

     What qualities should people seek in a good lawyer?  Intelligence, friendliness, ability to communicate effectively, experience, knowledge of the law, compassion, technical and professional competence, reputation, trial experience, negotiation skills, eye contact, personal and professional qualities that produce good results, other factors?  Shouldn't a person have a right to expect that their lawyer is "honest" without the lawyer advertising that he or she is "honest?"  

     What does the advertisement by the lawyer indirectly say about that lawyer's own attitudes?