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Tulsa Jail Information and Tulsa Bail Bond Information

Tulsa Jail Information and Tulsa Bail Bond Information
By Glen R. Graham, Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney

To find out the bond amount and to find out if someone is in the Tulsa City County Jail or the David Moss Correctional Facility at 300 North Denver Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma, the easiest and quickest way is to click on this link: and then follow the instructions. Enter the defendant’s name and it will tell you the charges, the amount of the bond, and the next court date.
A good Tulsa Bail Bondsman or Tulsa Bail Bonds is A Bargain Bail Bonds at They are on corner of Archer and Denver - close to the Tulsa Jail.

To find out the Tulsa jail visitation hours and for information about leaving money on someone’s inmate trust account click on this link:

To determine which pod inside the jail the inmate is located in to match up the visitation schedule , first you have to click on the previous link above to determine the inmate’s pod number like J-1 or F-3 or such.

Telephone number to the Tulsa City County Jail is: (918) 596-8900 OR (918) 596-8933. You usually have to call back repeatedly and wait for the telephone to ring about five to ten times and it usually takes a long, long time for them to answer the telephone, so it is easier to click on the links or call a good Tulsa criminal defense attorney and a good Tulsa bail bondsman or to just click on the links in this article.

There is a new technology where Tulsa jail inmates can use Touch Pay to bond out using their credit cards. It is a machine in the Tulsa Jail that takes credit cards. However, a smart inmate might be a lot better off paying a bondsman only ten percent of the bond instead of posting the whole bond on a credit card. Ten percent of a bond of $5,000 dollars is only $500 to a bondsman. However, posting a whole $5,000 dollar bond on a credit card could involve significant interest and penalties in addition to tying up $5,000 dollars.

Most bondsman accept payments if you do not have a credit card. Most bondsman accept credit cards and the amount required to pay a bondsman on a credit card is only ten (10%) per cent of the bond amount instead of the whole bond amount.

One good thing is that anyone can also use Touch Pay to add money to the inmates accounts for items they want which are sold at the jail.

Initially, when someone is booked into jail, they are usually given a pre-set bond amount based upon the type of charge or in some cases the assigned judge reviews the officer’s probable cause affidavit and then sets a bond. Under the current system, the court is required to review the probable cause for holding the defendant within about 48 hours by reviewing the probable cause affidavit and then setting a bond or ordering the defendant released if there is insufficient probable cause to hold the defendant. Each case is different and it makes a difference depending upon the type of charges and the defendant’s prior criminal record if any.

By hiring a good Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney it is possible to have a hearing on a motion for a bond reduction within 24 hours after filing the motion as long as it is filed before 12 noon. A hearing on a motion for bond reduction is normally heard at 3:00 p.m. on the next court day as long as the motion is filed before 12 noon and the order is signed setting it for a hearing before 12 noon because the state is entitled to 24 hours notice before the bond hearing.

On misdemeanor cases, it may be possible to get a bond hearing quicker by contacting the assigned prosecutor and if possible getting the assigned prosecutor to appear before the assigned misdemeanor judge for a ruling upon it.

In most cases, it is usually possible to obtain a Tulsa bail bond reduction by hiring a good Tulsa criminal defense lawyer attorney and getting documentation and sufficient information to obtain a bond reduction. It is helpful to have a copy of the officer’s probable cause affidavit when the same can be obtained. Proof of employment, letters of support, statement from parties, favorable statement from the victim when possible, and any other relevant information.

It is possible to verify any city of Tulsa or Tulsa County warrants that may be active by checking the web site for Tulsa warrants at: Enter the last name and click enter and then cursor down until you find the right person’s first name.

Common Warrant Types:
1234567 Six or seven numbers is a Tulsa Municipal Court warrant
CM A Tulsa County District Court misdemeanor warrant
CF A Tulsa County District Court felony warrant
Note: CF warrant may be for Failure to Pay or Failure to Appear on a felony charge and may not be considered a felony warrant even though the original listed charge is a felony.

It is possible to check out the person’s available public Oklahoma criminal record at the web site for the State of Oklahoma court system at:
Click on “court dockets” at the top. On the next page, on the left hand center, click on “search dockets.”

Finally, on the next page, cursor down to last name and enter it. Put in the first name or the first few letters and use the percent sign to cover all variations such as --- Su% to cover both Susan or Sue or Susanne.