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Tulsa Drug Lawyer - Tulsa Drug Attorney - Retaining the Best

Tulsa Drug Lawyer – Tulsa Drug Attorney - What to Look for Hiring an Attorney

Tulsa drug trafficking cases are some of the most complex and serious cases because they carry the possibility of up to a life prison sentence and after two previous drug convictions, a drug trafficking case carries a possible sentence of life without parole unless the attorney can sufficiently assert some legal defense or obtain a plea reduction or plea bargain reduction to a lesser offense. A possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute is equally serious. Even a Tulsa possession of a controlled drug case is a serious matter. A Tulsa Possession of Marijuana case may have defenses that some lawyers may not know about. The state has enormous resources to prosecute people for crimes. You need to be careful about hiring the attorney and you need the right attorney to represent you.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney committed to quality and an experienced --- drug lawyer --- such as myself ---- Glen R. Graham --- with over 20 years of experience fighting for the rights of my clients --- I will make sure you are treated fairly and I have the experience to take your case to a jury trial and through to appeal if necessary. I have the proven ability to handle your case and I am committed to excellence through vigorous advocacy with proven success in the court room.

This information is from the law office of Glen R. Graham Attorney serving Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. If you are in the area, and need an attorney you can visit our website by clicking here . Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law, telephone: (918) 583-4621 or (918) 260-8184 - Tulsa, Oklahoma or my email:

What To Look For In A Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney

Ask the attorney if they are a member of the any specific groups in Tulsa or Oklahoma that are dedicated to the defense of criminal defendants and what the name of the organizations are?

It is surprising how many attorneys are not members (I am a member of both) of the TWO MAIN CRIMINAL DEFENSE ORGANIZATIONS IN TULSA COUNTY:

(1) The Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
(2) The Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

One is the local county criminal defense lawyers and the other is the main state criminal defense attorneys association.

Any Tulsa criminal defense attorney that is committed to quality criminal defense is a member of both organizations.

The Best Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney should also have a web site and have helpful legal blogs such as: and this blog, and web site:

Ask him how long he has practiced law, and how often he goes to jury trial, and if he files many motions to suppress or if he has any objection to filing a special motion to suppress or quash the arrest in your case. The attorneys that are just in it for the money or for a volume of business may turn down your case because the recognize that you are expecting them to actually fight you case and they don’t want to spend that much time fighting the case. They merely want to plea you guilty without working the case.

Makes Promises Too Good To Be True

An attorney who promises results that sound just too good to be true is probably not being realistic. Some people call this “sales puffing.” Like the old used car dealer exaggerating the quality of a used car. It is a buyer beware world and no lawyer legally or ethically can promise results that are just too good to be true.

No attorney should promise a particular result in a criminal case. Attorneys can promise to do their best. Attorneys can believe in the quality of a case. Attorneys can believe they will probably be able to get a particular result. But a good Attorney should never guarantee a particular result.

A good attorney may give you a general analysis of possibilities in your case, and what may or may not happen, and how the system works, and what sometimes may happen but this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a guarantee of a particular result your case.

Not being willing to guarantee a result is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of experience and wisdom. The problem is that the bottom line result is ultimately in the hands of other people NOT THE ATTORNEY.

A judge and/or a prosecutor and/or a jury must act in order to resolve any criminal case. It is impossible to guarantee the actions of other people. Judges, prosecutors, and/or juries have been known to make mistakes. Therefore, a competent attorney will never be able guarantee a particular result.

Use Common Sense

Do not accept at face value every statement made by the attorney. It could be merely exaggerated sales puffing or sales talk. Take statements with a grain of salt. Look at them with a critical eye. Does this sound realistic or more like sales puffing and exaggerations?

Beware of the Attorney with too much business or the attorney that focuses solely upon money.

Some attorneys just have too much business or focus too much on getting a volume of business instead of trying to do quality legal work for people. An attorney with too much business is not going to have time to sit and discuss your case in his office and just tries to meet you in the court house instead of scheduling a time to sit and discuss your case. It is not likely that he will file the appropriate motions and he rarely if ever goes to trial.

One of the best ways to catch an attorney who uses exaggerated sales talk is to ask them if they remember the last case they took to a jury trial and if it is listed on the web site for the court house or if they remember the name of the defendant? Most of the time, the attorney will avoid answering the question because they do not go to jury trial and they plead most of their clients out and they don’t really fight the case.