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Prepaying for Collect Calls from Tulsa Jail or David Moss Jail and Commissary

Tulsa Jail Collect Calls - Prepay: Here is a link to establish a prepaid phone account so your phone can accept collect calls from the jail. I believe it also works for cell phones:

Click on this link:

Here is the home page for this:

To add money on to an inmate's commissary - so they can buy phone cards and pen and paper and candy and other items --- you can go to the David Moss Jail or Tulsa Jail in person at 300 N. Denver Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and there is a machine in the lobby of the jail there that will accept money to put on the inmates books. You can get the inmates DLM # - identification by asking the jail guard at the lobby desk or ---> you can get it by looking it up on the jail screen at this web site:
Also, there is a link on the above Tulsa Jail website for purchasing commissary for inmates using the I-Care link at .