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Master Trial Lawyer - Warrior, Gerry Spence, Invites You To Visit His Blog

Master trial lawyer - warrior, Gerry Spence, has started his blog, began July 15, 2008, and has invited everyone to visit his blog:

"The trial of a case, in its simplest form, is telling a story jurors can understand. Yet most lawyers are taught little, if anything, about communicating with others."

"I have told my students at Trial Lawyers College—where we teach practicing people's lawyers how to be real, how to win by caring, how to be honest in the presentation of themselves—that if they take care of their clients, no matter how meager the compensation, that the money aspect of the practice will eventually take care of itself. That is a promise."

“I instruct the lawyers, we call them warriors, for these warriors fight for the rights of people against the daunting power of corporations and government…”

Spence wrote: "I think of William Lloyd Garrison, the Abolitionist leader on Slavery in America who in 1831 wrote:

“I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject I do not wish to think or speak or write with moderation.

“No! No! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm. Tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of a ravisher. Tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen, but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest—I will not equivocate—I will not excuse. I will not retreat a single inch—and I will be heard.”

And so, dear friends and readers, Mr. Gerry Spence, master trial lawyer and warrior, has started his blog and he will be heard !

Yours in the Defense of Fellow Human Beings,

Glen R. Graham, Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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David Tarrell said...

liked your comment on bennett's blog about the importance of listening. It's a skill I need to work on, but it's essential.

Dave Tarrell