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Some Common Negotiation Tactics

Some Common Negotiation Tactics

(Strive to recognize the negotiation tactics of the other party)

Declining to speak first

Not making the first offer

Alternatively, presenting demands

Time targets, i.e. Deadlines.

Time manipulation: Delay

Good guy/bad guy

Limited authority/Mandated Authority


Walking out

Concession patterns



Getting it in your hands

Fait accompli (what's done is done)

Take it or leave it

Rejecting an offer

Planted Information

Changing the location


Extreme Offers

Pre-planning discussions

Cherry picking

Salami tactics


Pre-Analyzing the underlying goals of the parties and then working toward meeting those underlying goals.

Being totally, 100% ready to try the case. Being completely ready with pictures, exhibits, affidavits, motions, and having sufficient funds (monies - attorney fees paid) to actually try the case and to appeal the case and hiring investigators and private detectives. Being ready to appeal and post an appeal bond.

Being completely able to explain logical reasons for the offer and the basis for what you want and what you are entitled to under the law and having all the documents and exhibits and affidavits from witnesses to support your request.

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