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Sentencing Reform Recommendations of the Oklahoma Sentencing Commission

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Sentencing Reform Recommendations of the Oklahoma Sentencing Commission:

1. Limit Length of Revocation Sentences: The maximum length of imprisonment for a probationer who commits a technical violation (not a new crime) should be 2 years.

2. Revise Life Without Parole Sentence for Drug Trafficking: The mandatory minimum sentence of Life Without Parole for persons convicted of drug trafficking who have two prior drug offenses should be repealed.
Sex Offender Management

3. Tier System for Sex Offender Management: Statutes should be modified to establish a tier system with a finer distinction between sex offenders based on a calculated risk of re-offending. If resources for supervising sex offenders are limited, the public is better protected by dedicating resources (supervision intensity, residency restrictions, registration requirements) to the most risky offenders.

4. Revise Sex Offender Residency Restrictions: The Legislature should consider revising the distance restrictions on registered sex offenders to ensure they promote compliance and public safety rather than pushing sex offenders toward rural areas or non-compliance with reporting.

Prisoner Re-entry Proposals

5. Remove Governor from Some Parole Decisions: The Constitution should be amended so that the Governor’s signature is not required for parole release unless the District Attorney or victim has filed a protest of the parole with the Parole Board.

6. Consider Impact of Fines, Fees and Assessments on Defendants: The Legislature should consider the burden that increased fines, fees and assessments are creating on criminal defendants. The increased monetary costs are potentially counter-productive to the goal of returning low-risk offenders to good-standing with the community.

7. Study of Employment Barriers for Offenders: A study should be conducted to seek ways to eliminate the barriers to meaningful, adequate employment that are erected by felony convictions.

Reimbursements to County Jails

8. Adjust the rate of Department of Corrections’ reimbursements to county jails: The rate of the Department of Corrections’ reimbursement to county jails for any individual sentenced to prison who remains in county jail for more than 45 days shall be the actual costs to the county jail.


ZMan! said...

My Blog:

Check this out, you'll be shocked:

I just saw an interview with Mark Lunsford. He is such a hypocrite. He's been pushing for strong laws for ALL SEX OFFENDERS and now his son was accused of a sex crime and DOES NOT have to be on the sex offender registry, why? Because of who he is, period...

Mark Lunsford had child porn on his machine, why was he not prosecuted?

There is another man, who lost his daughter as well and he had child porn on his machine, guess where he is now? In prison, so why isn't Mark Lunsford?

See the info here:

I am against abuse of any kind, but once someone is sentenced and does their time, they should be able to integrate into society and live a normal life, these sex offender registries do not allow that, they are punished for life, even for small crimes like urinating in public in a drunken stupor.

What about murderers, drug dealers/users, gang members, DUI offenders, thieves, etc? Why don't we just have one CRIMINAL registry with ALL criminals on it, regardless of their crime? It's only fair. Right now, it's discrimination. So we can tell if our neighbors are murders, drug dealers/users, gang members, etc?

You can read more of my thoughts (if you will) here:

And what about these people? I don't recall any news about them, why not?

You are the news, why are you not reporting this to the American people? HYPOCRISY!!!!

MSLGWCEO said...

Good Grief! The 2008 Commission has totally ignored the issues.

Recommendations to the 2008 Legislature about Felony Sentencing
The Oklahoma Sentencing Commission offers this report to the Legislature in an effort
to help balance the demands on the prison system while maximizing protection of the
22 O.S. § 1512: (T)he Commission shall: Determine the long-range needs of the criminal justice
and corrections systems and recommend policy priorities for those systems; Identify critical
problems in the criminal justice and corrections systems and recommend strategies to solve those
problems; Assess the cost-effectiveness of the use of state and local funds in the criminal justice
and corrections systems; Recommend the goals, priorities and standards for the allocation of
criminal justice and corrections funds; Recommend means to improve the deterrent and
rehabilitative capabilities of the criminal justice and corrections systems; (and) Propose plans,
programs and legislation for improving the effectiveness of the criminal justice and corrections
Sentencing Reform
1. The Commission recommends that the governor be limited in the pardon and parole process.
2. The Department of Corrections and the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Services should work together with the Commission to research the type of offender that is most
appropriate for drug courts, community sentencing and supervised probation.

These people are asleep on the job.