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Preparing to Make the Best Impression and to Win Your Case in Tulsa Criminal Court

Preparing to Make the Best Impression and to
Win Your Case in Tulsa Criminal Court

By Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney,
Glen R. Graham - Call (918) 260-8184

When you go to court, you should want people who have the power to incarcerate you or to impose a sentence on you to have some empathy or understanding or to care about you or to "like you." The Judge, prosecutor, lawyers, jurors and others are typically older, conservative people who will feel more empathy toward you if you dress in a manner appropriate to court. First impressions do count. If you dress inappropriately, the court may believe you are dressed like a person who needs more discipline in their lives and may impose that on you.
You cannot control other people, but you can control your own behavior and dress and style which will cause other people to have either a good reaction to you or a bad reaction to you.

An inappropriate hair style may alienate people. Do not forget to comb your hair and don't look like you just got out of bed.

A disciplined, appropriate dress and good manners can go a long way. Stand up when you speak to the court. Do not interrupt court. Take your hat off when you are in the court room. Do not wear sunglasses in court. Do not chew gum or read a newspaper while in court. Don't forget to turn your cell phone off while you are inside the court room.

A short hair cut or a burr hair cut can make you look like a law enforcement officer. A short hair cut is "conservative" and it is more likely that the court will treat you with respect if your look conservative. A defendant who looks like a law enforcement officer is going to get more consideration from the court and the prosecutor.

Men should wear slacks and a nice button collar shirt. Women should wear a nice conservative shirt and either slacks or an appropriate "business attire." You do not have to wear a suit, although if you dress up, a court might believe you are more "respectful" of the court than some other people.

Do not wear nose rings, facial piercings, ear rings, diamonds, or jewelry. Cover your tattoos with a long sleeve shirt or other clothing.

You should not dress like a "criminal." You should not dress like a teenager. You should not dress like a person who would commit a crime. Do not wear loud clothing. Do not over-dress, but do not under dress. Do not wear tank tops, t-shirts, gold chains, jumper or jogging suit, shorts, or any non-conservative clothing. Do not dress like the "Fonz" for court. Dress more like "Richie Cunningham." Do not wear a black leather jacket. Do not dress like a drug dealer or a rock star on MTV. Do not dress down for court but don't dress like a drug dealer either.

Currently, there is a problem finding adequate parking around the court house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also, you may have to wait in line to go through a metal detector before you can enter the court house. All of this takes time. You should arrive about 30 minutes before you court time, so that you can find adequate parking and so that you can wait in line to get inside the court house and so that you can be on time to court. There are several places to park around the court house which charge about $5.00 dollars to park all day or about $2.00 per hour. If you are willing to walk about six to eight blocks, you might be able to park for free. Most people are not willing to walk several blocks and so they chose to pay to park.

You should wait inside the court room for your name to be called and answer when your name is called. Sometimes, your lawyer may be late for court so you need to be patient and you need to answer when your name is called.

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