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Peak Oil, Inflation, Crime, and Socio-Economic Aspects of Life

Predictions of the dire consequences that may beset society upon oil production reaching it's peak rate and suggestions about the socio-economic aspects and effects on everyday life have been written about by many other people. "Peak oil" has been compared to looking in the rear view mirror and then saying "oh, that was peak oil." There are suggestions that society becomes complacent after oil prices decline and return to "old habits" and seem to forget about high oil prices. Oil production and prices fluctuate and people seem to forget.

Theorists have proposed that peak oil would occur or has occurred in 1995, 2007, 2020, and similar time periods. It seems like some people determine peak oil by looking in the rear view mirror. Some theorize that alternatives to oil may delay peak oil chaos and if those alternative are fully developed then it may be avoided completely.

What does this have to do with crime? If society norms and standards break down due to peak oil chaos then crime escalates and disorder results. Peak oil chaos can cause the destruction of the society.

Why have the "think tanks" and scholars failed to develop sufficient alternatives to oil so that "peak oil chaos" can be avoided. Perhaps they have but have failed to sufficiently market the ideas or to explain the importance of avoiding future chaos by present development. However, there are some progressive thinkers who have attempted to market their ideas: and some people are proposing alternatives to petroleum or oil based products: alternative ecological friendly non-petroleum asphalt, also known as bioasphalt, a local Tulsa Asphalt Paver and Repair Contractor has written about this at: and and so have other people.

There have been many suggestions to develop alternatives to inefficient fuel consuming vehicles. I was writing about problems with inefficient over-sized vehicles over 4 years ago and it still doesn't make sense why "leaders" fail to lead. Too often, it's as if leadership has to come from the bottom up. It's like business people and politicians are more "reactive" to public pressure and instead of leading us, the public has to lead them.

Why has our political and business leadership failed us? Where are the think tanks and scholars to devise alternatives and suggest real solutions and to provide ideas for solid solutions to avoid a future of peak oil chaos.

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